Hello and congratulations on steering your boat to Marks Marine Insurance’s web page for marine insurance.

We too are boat owners and understand the never ending challenge to find a great product at a reasonable price and still have that product end in “marine” grade. Consider our services as “your captain for boat insurance.” We will navigate your boat insurance through the sea of insurance companies and promise you not only to provide you the best price and coverage at application, but to also re-market your boat policy at renewal.

“Why?” you ask. Again, we are also boat owners and just like the sea, the insurance market is ever changing. A company that gave you a great rate last year might have changed their underwriting this year due to: age of boat, where she is being used, or just rate increases.

Our policies all include fuel spill and towing. There is NO extra fee, nor do you pay an annual membership for these coverages.

We use insurance companies that specialize in marine insurance. For very few companies that write your auto and home truly understand the coverages that a boater needs to protect them on the waters.

This also translates into claims response. Our companies’ claims departments know boats and what something should cost, so claims settlements are extremely fast.

We can also create special insurance programs for owners clubs, sportsman clubs and other groups. Along with this we are more then happy to be guest speakers at your yacht club, owners club and captains course. If it deals with boats, we are there!

We love to talk boats and continually take tours of boat manufactures plants and sit in many marine related seminars to stay abreast of the ever-changing environment.


Marks Marine Insurance a division of Marks Insurance Group is a full service agency specializing in insuring your boat, be it a 16 ft. bass boat to a 330 Ft. custom sailing yacht.

boat3“Let us be your Insurance Captain and steer your Insurance rates into a tranquil anchorage that you know will protect you and your vessel from the ever-changing insurance climate.”

We are pleased to offer you a free boat insurance quote. If you have any questions regarding our insurance offerings or would like more information, please email us at boatquotes@insuretheboat.com or call toll-free at (888) 462-7571.